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Your Trusted Specialists for Complete Dentures in Chatham-Kent

Grand West Denture Clinic offers complete dentures in Chatham-Kent. A well-made denture will maintain the contours of your face while giving you a natural-looking smile. We provide custom complete dentures to patients from Chatham and surrounding areas. We will work with you to create a full set of dentures that is comfortable, natural-looking, and specifically made to suit you. Your complete set of dentures will provide your facial muscles with the support they need to reduce the appearance of premature ageing. What’s more, our on-site lab helps us to provide quick turnaround so you can go back to eating the foods you enjoy in no time. To learn more about how we can improve your smile, call to make your appointment today.

A Complete Set of Dentures Will Allow You To:

Bite and chew your favourite foods more easily

Have a fuller facial appearance

Improve your speech by eliminating gaps and missing teeth

Protect your remaining natural teeth from excess wear

Remove the dentures for thorough brushing and cleaning

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a type of denture built before your teeth are extracted, and inserted immediately after the extraction(s). This puts firm pressure on the extraction site(s) and keeps swelling to a minimum. You will have the benefit of leaving the clinic with a full smile.

Denture Services

Full Dentures

Get complete dentures that perfectly fit your mouth at Grand West Denture Clinic.

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