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Denturist and dentist in one building!

Our Denturists in Chatham to Help You

Grand West Denture Clinic has licensed denturists in Chatham-Kent. We understand the significance of harmony between perfect oral wellbeing and a wonderful, functional smile. Our devoted denturist serves Chatham and surrounding areas with the personalized care and attention each patient deserves. If you are transitioning from natural teeth to full dentures or partial dentures, or require relining or fixing your current dentures, give us a chance to work with and help you.

Why You Should See a Denturist in Chatham-Kent?

We are committed to giving you a positive and comfortable dental experience that is customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Patients with full or partial dentures have very specific oral consideration needs. Alongside particular cleaning and care, you will need an expert who can plan and create the correct dental apparatus for you. Denturists are the main dental experts in both clinical and research facility methods. This empowers them to work intimately with you to make the denture that will give you the best fit for usefulness and look.

Get Dentures and Restore Your Routine

It is natural to have concerns about dentures. Whether it will hurt you, whether it will look artificial or what if you are supposed to restrict to a certain food? Do not worry. We are here to offer you the right set of dentures so that all these questions can be put to rest. The dentures we provide function similar to natural teeth and do not look artificial. It even helps you to eat what your heart desires.

Why Choose Us?

Grand West Denture Clinic offers the same-day benefit at our helpful on-location lab. We offer a free consultation where we can survey your requirements and customize the treatment plan that best suits your way of life. Our facility is wheelchair-accessible to better serve all our patients. We can treat your:

Full dentures

Partial dentures

Immediate dentures

Denture adjustments


Book Your Consultation


For all your dentures needs in Chatham-Kent, you can count on our denturist in Chatham-Kent of Grand West Denture Clinic. Call us to book your free consultation.

Denture Services

Denture Services

Get your smile back with properly-fitted dentures from Grand West Denture Clinic in Chatham-Kent.

Loose Dentures?

Loose Dentures?

Relining your denture can help them fit like new again.

Natural stability denture

Natural Stability

Implant-supported dentures offer a movement-free denture alternative.

denture repair

Fast, Effective Repairs

We can repair cracked or chipped dentures in our on-site lab.

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